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Statistics 24

Google Apps Reporting for Education & Business

Using G Suite for Education (Google Apps) or G Suite for Work and need to demonstrate usage and impact?

Statistics 24 - Infographic

Statistics 24 provides unique reporting functionality to show what your users have been doing and for how long. For education leaders driving forward with online education it provides an audit for quality monitoring and funding purposes, and for business it enables colleagues and leaders to demonstrate value and control in how Google Apps for Work has been used.


Up to now the only reason not to use Google Apps for Education to deliver online learning was it’s lack of reporting functionality. Statistics 24 solves that in one easy click, providing quality managers, auditors and those responsible for funding with a clear audit trail of what users have been doing in Google Classroom and also for how long. This matters because independent online learning time can now be quantified. For teachers it provides unprecedented insight into what learners have been working on and for how long, no matter where they are or what kit they are using.


If your organisation charges customers for your time, or you just need to keep track of who has been working on documents and for how long, Statistics 24 is the solution.

Leeds City College

Click here to read the case study
(1.3MB PDF)

Statistics 24 - Example session report Example report showing a single user session


Statistics 24 demonstration video Watch a quick demonstration video

Statistics 24 works exclusively with G Suite and best with the Chrome browser. The FREE plugin can be installed on Chromebooks and the Chrome browser for Windows and Mac. By installing the tiny plugin/extension on all of the machines in your organisation you can ensure that all work is automatically tracked. You can even install it on Chromebooks and PC's at home for distance or remote workers, for example. In order to access the reports and data there is a license fee for your organisation.

Click here to download our "Guide to Pushing Out the Chrome Browser Extension to Users in Your Organisation" (PDF 130KB)

Statistics 24 - Example bar graph Example bar chart showing app usage by day

The plugin provides an instant way for users to check how much time they have spent using Google Apps over the past 7 days, and what times of day they were used by simply clicking the little icon in the corner of their browser. They can also use the full reporting site to see in-depth information over much longer periods, graphs and even export data to create their own reports if desired in spreadsheet applications. The same goes for anyone set up as an 'Organisation Reporter', but they can also access reports for anyone and anything within their organisation - not just their own data.

Statistics 24 - Example pie chart Example pie chart showing use by Google App

The use of Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Classroom is all logged as these are where most work takes place.

NEW Features

As the Statistics 24 user base grows we are commited to expanding its features and adding more functionality. With this in mind we have recently added some weekly reports for organisations that include the following graphs.

Statistics 24 - Example pie chart Hardware Utilisation graph by device type Hardware Utilisation Data
See how many sessions took place for different device types. Useful for making purchasing decisions based on existing Chromebook usage compared to Windows PC's etc.

Statistics 24 - Example pie chart Graph showing the number of usage sessions by each hour Sessions by Hour
Help plan computer usage timetables by knowing when your busiest periods are. See how much work is being done outside of normal hours.

Statistics 24 - Example pie chart Graph showing the length of usage sessions in minutes Session Lengths
See how many long or short working sessions take place. This can be a good indicator to show if people aren't taking adequate breaks or aren't managing their time well.

Statistics 24 - Example pie chart Number of unique users of G Suite by day Unique Users per Day
Discover how many of your students/employees are actively using G Suite each day. Helpful to see if your resources are over or under utilised.

About Us

Statistics24 was founded by Neil King and Jamie E Smith.

Neil King - Coding and technical stuff.
Software engineer, games designer, and an active player in the IT industry for decades. Applications creator for multiple sectors including education, automotive, child safety, medical and gaming. Generally regarded as a technical wizard.

Jamie Smith - All things business related.
Experienced education leader at board level with commercial sector expertise. TEDx speaker ‘Education in the Digital Age’, author of ‘Making Money from Stocks and Shares’, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, blogger and lifelong supporter of Unicef. Believes passionately that education is the only solution to all of the world’s problems and huge fan of all things Googley.


You can download the free Statistics 24 browser extension for Chrome (Windows, Mac & Chrome devices) here:
Download Statistics 24 for Chrome

You can also now download the Statistics 24 plugin for Mozilla Firefox (Windows, Mac & Linux) by clicking the following link:
Download Statistics 24 for Firefox

NEW: The Microsoft Edge extension is now available for testing from the Windows Store for Windows 10 users here:
Download Statistics 24 for Microsoft Edge
Please let us know how you get on with the extension so we can improve and update it.
Windows 10 Anniversary Update / Creators Update must be installed. This includes Microsoft Edge version 40 or above.

Ensure you are using the most up-to-date versions of Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser for the best experience. Your organisation will need a subscription for you to access the reports.

Click here to view the changelog for the extension/plugin.

Purchase & Free Trial

Organisation licensing for Statistics 24 is available through C-Learning. Contact them below for a quote or a FREE trial.

Tel: (+44) 01225 863218

Contact Us

If you would like to contact us about using Statistics 24 in your organisation or have any questions about the product, please email us at

If you would like a free trial or pricing information, please contact C-Learning.

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