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Our browser extensions/plugins and free guides

Browser Extensions

The Statistics 24 browser extensions (or plugins) are free for all of your users to download. This makes it easy for them to install the extension and audit their work when at home or elsewhere. Your organisation will need a subscription to Statistics 24 in order for your users to access usage reports.

Always ensure you are using the most up-to-date versions of Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. We recommend using the Google Chrome browser for the best experience. Users of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (both versions) should automatically receive updates to the browser extension when they are released. Firefox users will need to update by clicking the link below.

Chrome Web Store

Download the free Statistics 24 browser extension for Chrome (Windows, Mac & Chrome OS devices).

Mozilla Firefox extension

You can also download the Statistics 24 plugin for Mozilla Firefox (Windows, Mac & Linux).

MS Edge (Chromium) Store

The Microsoft Edge (Chromium) extension is available from the Edge Add-Ons Store. This extension has been tested with Microsoft Edge 80.0.361.111 (Official build) (64-bit) and above.

Windows Edge (Legacy) Store

The Microsoft Edge (Legacy) extension is NO LONGER available from the Windows Store for Windows 10 users. Microsoft have now removed the old legacy extensions from the Microsoft Store. Please upgrade to Edge (Chromium).

Click here to view the changelog for the extension/plugin.


We offer the following guides to help your I.T. teams and individual users install the required browser extension for making use of Statistics 24. If you have a specific requirement not covered by an existing guide, please let us know so that we can create a guide to help you and other users.

Guide for pushing extension out

Guide to pushing out the Chrome extension automatically to users in your organisation (PDF 130KB).

Click to download guide

Guide for manually installing extension

Guide to manually installing the Chrome browser extension (PDF 116KB).

Click to download guide

Tutorial Videos

We have put together some quick and simple video tutorials to help you get started with Statistics 24. These show you how to obtain some basic reports and perform tasks to get you familiar with the system. If the videos are too small to view on your screen, you can tap the "full screen" icon or view them on YouTube.

Basic Report on Your Own G Suite Usage
Suitable for: Everybody (staff, students, etc.)

See how to run a quick report on your own G Suite / Google Workspace usage. Everyone should watch this first, before any other videos.


Basic Google Classroom Usage Report
Suitable for: Everybody (staff, students, etc.)

Run a quick report on your own usage of particular Google Classrooms.


NEW: Google Classroom Attendance Reports
Suitable for: Teachers

Obtain daily attendance registers for each Google Classroom where you are enrolled as a teacher. You DO NOT need to be an "Organisation Reporter" to access these reports!


Usage Report for Other People, or Your Organisation as a Whole
Suitable for: Organisation Reporters

See how to run G Suite / Google Workspace usage reports on other people or everybody in your organisation.


Google Classroom Usage Reports for Everyone in Your Organisation
Suitable for: Organisation Reporters

Run reports on Google Classrooms to see who has accessed them, and for how long.


Adding/Editing Users with Extra Permissions
Suitable for: Organisation Administrators

See how to add users to Statistics 24 and give them "Organisation Reporter" privileges.


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