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DriveSpace 24

The FREE Chrome extension for Google Drive storage

Instant Google Drive Storage Statistics

The FREE Google Chrome browser extension provides instant information on how much storage space you have in total, how much you have used up, and how much you have in your trash can. It also gived fast access to your most recent files, folders, documents, spreadsheets, slide-shows, images etc. and filter them by file type.

If you or your organisation's users don't already have strict storage quotas - you soon will, so it is vital that users can quickly and easily see how much space they are using up and can keep on top of things before storage management becomes an issue.

Recently Accessed Files/Folders List

The browser plugin also gives you a list of the 20 most recently accessed folders, files, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Jamboards etc. so you can quickly jump straight into them. This should be a huge time saver for most users.

You can filter your most recent files to only show the last 20 Docs, Sheets, Slides, Folders, Images, Media (video & audio) or PDFs.

DriveSpace 24 in action

Is It Really Free?

Yes. Absolutely. We decided to make the DriveSpace 24 Chrome browser plugin completely free for commercial and non-commercial users of Google Drive.

Privacy Policy, Permissions and Terms

Click here to view the changelog for the extension/plugin.

Pinning the Browser Extension

The easiest way to make sure the browser extension is always one click away, is to pin it to your Chrome browser. To do this, once installed, you can click on the "Extensions" icon (which looks like a jigsaw piece) and click the pin button next to "DriveSpace 24". This will make it stick to the header bar in your browser so you can quickly check your Google Drive space and open recently accessed files and folders.

Pin Chrome extension

How to Download DriveSpace 24

If you are an educational establishment, charity or business, you can use DriveSpace 24 free of charge and with no obligations whatsoever. You can even push it out to all users in your Google domain.

To request the download information, please contact C-Learning.
Tel: (+44) 01225 863218

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